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Living plants are vital to enhance the aesthetics, functionality and health of interior environments. Since 1982, Portland-based Evolve Interiorscapes has assisted architects, building owners, and businesses to enhance their environments with a focus on sustainable practices and earth-friendly services.

We are focused on OMRI-certified or otherwise sustainable products, plants and practices. Our commitment to sustainability makes us the ideal partner for your LEED certified projects and buildings.

conscious design for earth + humankind

Inform us how you would like to enhance your interior environment

Function + Form + Sustainability

Our goal is to improve the function and enhance the beauty of your interiors by incorporating living plants into lobbies, atriums, meeting rooms, offices, and any space where people gather and coexist.

Our commitment to sustainable interiorscaping practices continues to guide and inform the work we do. We explore interiorscaping challenges, and create the solution you need with the most earth and people-friendly design.


Whether you are trying to improve flow, create privacy, or enliven your space, we bring new, creative energy and design solutions to every project. We value our partnerships and are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the quality and health of interior environments.

Informed by science, service and design

We have honor for what we create, what exists, and for the functional intent of our designs.


The science of our work comes from knowing the right practices and principles. This includes the use of light, water, and organic approaches to ensure the plants and the people within an environment thrive.


The service is from our desire to infuse creativity and conscious actions into our work, so that these feelings come through in the final design and our ongoing maintenance.

Our design philosophy comes from our understanding and application of aesthetic elements to the respective places. This involves knowing how everything from a living arrangement to a full-scale atrium, can enliven the senses, brighten the mind, and create a satisfying overall experience. 



In designing, installing and maintaining sustainable solutions for your interior environments, we adhere to the following:

Being stewards of the local and global sustainable environment

Accepting our role as leaders of the use of green, sustainable practices and products.

Honoring the connection between plants + people + places

Being a resource and partner for like-minded companies, firms, and individuals that are sustainable in their beliefs



Collaborate + Create = Functional Integrity

Ideal design development relies on exchanging ideas, discussing budgets, setting goals, and getting to know exactly how we can best support you, your business and your environment.


Our design process:


We offer a complimentary onsite consultation where we explore ideas around enhancing your space.

We make sure the conditions within your space, in addition to the anticipated watering and maintenance needs of the plants, will meet your design goals. We take into account how much natural light is available and how to compliment the energy of the space. We can provide an unlimited selection of planters and unique decorative accents to meet your décor needs.


Working within your budget and the demands of your space, we select the right plants using only quality materials from the industry’s most well-respected growers. Our plants are acclimated for interiors and prepared for your climate in our environmentally controlled building.


Upon completion of the onsite consultation, we can suggest a purchase, rental or a customized combination to fit your needs and support the overall design.


Deliver, Stage, Inspire

With your design specifications, our installation experts visit your site ahead of time, then do as much of the staging as possible either in our facility or in our climate-controlled delivery truck.


Installation process:

We install based on the design plan of your building, the layout of your environment, and the desired function of the design itself.

We utilize recycled/recovered materials during the staging and installation process, furthering our commitment to sustainable practices.

We aspire to complete the design install as efficiently as possible, with minimum on site disturbance


Service with Attention to Detail

Maintaining your enhanced interiorscape is possibly the most important aspect of our work. We invest the time, expertise and creative energy necessary to cultivate and maintain your environment in a meticulous, respectful manner. While each plant thrives, we also make sure the entire design continues to function as you envisioned.


Our trained and insured horticultural technicians care for your environment and ensure to:

Make scheduled weekly or bi-weekly visits that includes watering, cleaning, trimming, pruning, pest management and fertilizing using OMRI-listed or otherwise sustainable products and biological controls.

When necessary, design an integrated pest management (IPM) system to manage nuisance insects. IPM, an effective and environmentally sensitive approach, uses a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls to achieve the desired and necessary results.

Refresh living arrangements and color rotations on a schedule to ensure new life and vitality in your reception areas, meeting rooms and offices.

Provide you with a service guarantee to replace any plants we bring into your environment that need to be replaced at no charge with a guaranteed maintenance program


Reveal the true nature of your environment with an interiorscape that honors the needs of plants + people + places.


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